A Moon for the Misbegotten

Date: May 18, 2000 — June 10, 2000

Written by Eugene O'Neill
Directed by Anne B. Keifer


Josie Hogan
Phil Hogan
James Tyrone, Jr.
T. Stedman Harder


Scenic & Costume Design
Lighting Design


“There are those who will say without argument, of course that Josie Hogan is the greatest role Eugene O’Neill ever wrote for a woman. She’s a great, big, towering, barefoot Irish woman with a sharp tongue and ruined reputation…and the character who makes up one fourth of the quartet found in the playwright’s last work, A Moon For the Misbegotten. It’s a tough role to play as tough as the play itself is to mount. Misbegotten is rarely revived because of the inherent problems with casting the work demands actors who know O’Neill prose work so intimately they can reveal the passion and power behind the mere words on the page. Fail at this, and the three hours will, indeed, seem like a long day’s journey into night. In the Cape Rep production, Josie was played by the great, big, towering and barefoot Wendi Wilkerson a woman at once feisty and fiery, passionate and pathetic, aggressive and agile, wearing her reputation as the town tramp as a facade, a defense to her fierce pride. She understood the depth of her character’s feelings, and never was afraid to find them or display them even with the understanding all is not pretty to the woman her father calls “an overgrown cow.” Wilkerson stole the show. That’s how good she was.”  – Alan W. Petrucelli, Barnstable Patriot

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