Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Cape Rep’s NEW Backstage Blog! We’re excited to share behind the scenes content that gives you an inside personal look at our theater!

Our goal is to provide an interesting and informative peek behind the curtain at Cape Rep Theatre including spotlights on actors, directors and designers, historical insights, “Where are they now?”, FAQs, backstage antics and much more! The Cape Rep family is made up of incredible artists from Cape Cod and around the country each with a story to tell. Join us here for a look into the creative process that brings the high-quality theater you’ve come to expect to our stage time and again!


We’ll take you on a journey through our past all the way back to Cape Rep’s very first production, The Wizard of Oz, pictured here at the Sheraton Resort in Eastham.

Our stage has seen many incredible guest artists audiences have come to know and love. We’ll find out “Where are they now?”

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with what you’d like to see in future blog posts…